I’m a food writer and author of eleven books on food and drink that focus on where food comes from and the people who grow, farm, collect and produce it.

My books range from independent shops (Trading Places); English food and England (Eating England), the honeybee (Sweetness & Light), the chicken and the chicken industry (Planet Chicken) and fish around the coast of Britain (Best of British Fish).

THE ONE POT COOK (Head of Zeus), my latest book, is an exploration and celebration of one pot cooking. This time-honoured tradition is the source of many of the best dishes in the world, from stews and curries to pies and puds. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated to be delicious and the book has one pots for every occasion.

SPOONFULS OF HONEY (Pavilion in the UK, Sterling in the US and Guido Tomasi in Italy) is one of my latest books and explores different kinds of honey and how to use them in savoury and sweet dishes and in drinks. It also covers the value of the honeybee to health and the garden, as well as in the kitchen.

I’ve written for many newspapers and magazines including the Telegraph Magazine, the Times, FT Weekend, Independent on Sunday, Delicious, Kew Magazine, The Field, Scoff and also online for the BBC and others.

I live in London and East Sussex.

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