Mood Food Cover

Mood Food

Mood Food Cover

MOOD FOOD: strategies for contemporary cooking and entertaining is a cookbook based on the idea that we often choose what to eat because of circumstances, be it time, guests or occasion.

A relaxed supper with old friends or an impressive dinner for new ones; seduction of a new love or spoiling of Truelove; showtime or slob-out: they all differ as much as cheese and chips.

The book is divided into two parts: ultra quick recipes for weekdays and more leisurely meals for weekends.

Weekday chapters: easy-life suppers; relaxed entertaining; office and home lunching; love after work; health kick.

Weekend chapters: Saturday night showtime; treats for two; long Sunday lunches; making a meal out of breakfast, a revival of afternoon tea; keeping warm in winter; chilling out in summer.

Throughout the book are menus for specific situations: the dragon to dinner (cooking for someone intimidating when you are in the mid-week rush); uninterrupted gossip with friends; apparently impetuous seduction; back-to-the-Seventies dinner; supper from a corner shop.

The recipes are all very simple. They were tested not only by me but also by friends and family in real situations and their comments are included in the book.

Published by Headline 1999

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