Planet Chicken Cover


Planet Chicken

Planet Chicken Cover


Winner, Guild of Food Writers Derek Cooper Award for Investigative and Campaigning Writing or Broadcasting 2008

PLANET CHICKEN: the shameful story of the bird on your plate is a book in praise of the chicken and an investigation into what the modern chicken industry has done to this bird.

The book goes back into the history and natural history of the chicken. I talk to many people who know about chickens and eggs – farmers, campaigners, animal welfare vets, chefs, garden chicken keepers and chefs.

The book is divided into two parts: What We Are Doing and What We Can Do. For more information about how to campaign for chickens and other farm animals, go to Compassion in World Farming and Animal Welfare and Trade the website of Adolfo Sansolini.

Published by Sceptre, 2007 and Baldini Castoldi Dalai, Italy

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“Everyone who eats chicken should read this book.” Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“An important book. Hattie Ellis does not flinch from her task, which is to shine a light into the darkest corner of the global poultry shed and ask what the heck we think we are doing.” TELEGRAPH

“Required reading…the average consumer is capable of effecting change if they want to. And after reading this, you probably will.” METRO

“Readable, informative and scary.” FINANCIAL TIMES

“A timely reminder of why we should splash out on free-range or organic poultry…a compelling, if gruesome read.” THE TIMES