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Spoonfuls of Honey


Shortlisted for the Andre Simon Awards and the Guild of Foodwriters Cookbook of the Year.

Honey is one of the most magical of foods, made of nectar concentrated down to a sweet stickiness by tens of thousands of bees working together in the hive.

This is a complete guide to the many types of honey and their culinary uses, with more than 80 honey recipes from all over the world.

Ten years ago, I wrote a social history of the honeybee, Sweetness & Light: the mysterious history of the honeybee. Over time, I’ve collected around 100 pots of honey from near and far.

This book gathers together my best recipes and tips about how to taste and use honey in the kitchen, as well as the wider meaning and uses of honey.

The recipes encompass the savoury as well as the sweet and run from breakfast and brunch dishes through salads, roasts and tarts to tea-time cakes and biscuits, puddings and drinks. For some dishes, just a spoonful or two of honey is all you need, such is its subtle and charming power.

Just a few of the dishes: Honey and Tamarind Ribs; Honey-caramelized Fennel Soup; Jewish Honey Cake; Madeleines, Fig and Honey Frangipane Tart; Smokey Honey Almonds; Goats Cheese, Herb and Honey Parcels; Roast Lamb with a Thyme and Honey Glaze; Baked Cheese with Honey-Walnut Toasts; Honey and Cardamom Kulfi; Chocolate and Chestnut Honey Ice-cream; Nougat and Lavender Honey Lemonade.

As well as a glossary on bees and honey, there is a section called ‘Round the World in 90 Pots’ that describes a range of the best honeys in the world, including manuka from New Zealand, arbutus honey from Portugal and Sardinia, tupelo honey from the US, karoo or fynbos honey from South Africa and heather honey from the north of England and Scotland.

The book features sections on Honey and the Natural World (including tips of bee-friendly plants for the garden), Honey in the Kitchen (with advice on how to measure it and cook with it, plus the difference between light and dark honeys and set and runny honeys) and Honey as Medicine.

Published by Pavilion (UK) and Sterling Epicure (US) and Guido Tomasi (Italy)

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