The One Pot Cook


The One Pot Cook is a collection of 150 tried-and-trusted recipes to feed family and friends.

Feeding a household (or yourself) with fresh food is a daily challenge. The best solution lies in going back to the time-honoured recipes and techniques of one pot cooking. One Pots have fantastic flavours, can be made in advance and tend to be economical. From tagines to steamed puddings, from paella to curry, from soup to pies and tray-bakes, this is the way to cook with minimum fuss and maximum flavour.

One pot food has transformed the way I cook, not just because it is easy and convenient. The backbone of my cooking relies on one or two sessions when I put the radio on and settle into the kitchen to batch cook one pots that will last the week.

The book contains my own versions of favourites, such as More-is-more Mince, Cheaty Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Meatloaf, Quick-but-Classy Macaroni Cheese. There’s a chapter of easy mid-week suppers eg. Cheesy Baked Potatoes with Horseradish, Chicken Thighs with Sherry & Rice, Lamb with Yoghurt & Spices, and Fish with Balsamic Tomato Sauce. The chapter on soups includes classics and twists on classics such as Harira and Breton Onion Soup with Tarragon and Cider, and recipes that can be adapted to whatever you have to hand.

The Winter Warmers chapter includes Lancashire Hot Pot (plus a veggie version), Lower East Side Pork & Pear Stew, my ultimate Daupinoise. The chapter on dishes for Summer Spreads includes Kedgeree, Cook-ahead Fennel & Saffron Risotto and Greek Lamb with Dill & Chickpeas.

Then there are adventures gathered from travels near and far: Prawn, Pineapple & Tamarind Laksa, Southern Italian Fish Pie, Chicken and Green Olive Tagine, Mole Poblano and other dishes that cross the world, from Indonesia, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, to the Southern US, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Last but not least come One Pot puddings. I explored ways of combining fruit with flavours that develop over time in dishes such as Quinces Poached with Lemon and Bay and Plums Baked with Honey and Star Anise, and worked out ways to make easy puds such as Chocolate Chip Bread-&-Butter Pudding, Marmalade Parkin and Toffee Banana Tarte Tatin.

I’m also very proud to have an illustrated cookbook, with paintings of pots and other kitchenalia by the artist Emily Faccini.

Published by Head of Zeus, October 2015

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