Trading Places


TRADING PLACES: Europe’s finest specialist shops profiles 52 specialist shops in 10 countries, including the UK.

The book is as much about travelling as shopping. Going to specialist shops is a revealing, entertaining and often overlooked part of exploring a place. They take you right to the heart of a place, into the living culture that is so interesting to encounter and yet often so elusive to the visitor.

Unlike the shuffling morgues of modern retail, these shops are alive with incident, conversations and character. The owners are commercial curators who buy from specialists and sell to specialist customers. These shops are worlds in themselves.

The book goes from the Stockholm shop specialising in Fifites, Sixties and Seventies plastic…to exceptional ice-creams in Italy…to an old-fashioned espadrille specialist in Madrid…to a Parisian taxidermist…to a bicycle salon in Amsterdam…to a button eccentric in Berlin…to a seventeenth century wine shop in London…to brooms, pigments, paper, books, blades, toasted nuts, pickles, coffee, cigars, honey, spectacles, ribbons, canes, umbrellas, stationary.

Published by Mitchell Beazley, 2000

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