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How can I eat five a day?

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Getting kids to eat vegetables is one of the biggest challenges. Root Camp is a new cookery school for 15-21 year olds that puts veg at the centre of the plate (but is not veggie).

Some think you should start young. Baby-led weaning is a movement to encourage babies to choose solid foods straight away rather than spoon-feeding them with mush.

The frontline in food is the fresh versus the processes. But to go one step further, organic farming has many benefits for the environment and in health terms. For one summary of these go to the Quality Low Input Food reports as well as the Soil Association.

A veg box is a convenient way to get freshly-picked organic produce. I can recommend those of Riverford Organic and their recipes on how to use the produce.

Growing is the best way of all to get into veg. Landshare links would-be growers with places to grow. Other inspirational projects are Incredible Edible in Yorkshire and Gaining Ground in the US.

Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle shows how a plot can feed a family.

Kew gardens and Wakehurst Place, with the Millenium Seed Bank, are research centres that explore and promote the power of plants, as well as being wonderful to visit. I recommend hunting for the food plants in the beautiful glasshouses and the horticultural students’ allotments that are tucked away in one corner of Kew.


From discovering the origins of ‘five-a-day’..,

…to peering through the foliage at Kew Gardens to find mangoes and bananas

…to getting my first veg box and working out what to do with cabbages and swedes

…to a Devon farm restaurant where you eat meat-and-nine veg

…to teenagers cooking turnips at Root Camp

…to whether organic is worth the money

…to pictures of toothless toddlers chewing on mangoes and lamb chops

…to an inspirational charity farm on the land where Henry David Thoreau was born

…to the vegetable passions of The Best Chef in the World

…to a Michelin three-star restaurant in Paris with chic carrots decorating the white tableclothes

…to a revelation with a bag of Jerusalem artichokes and four lamb foreshanks.