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Is eating local parochial?

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This chapter is an exploration of the local food movement and its role in the modern world. I’m seeking the values and possibilities of local food and asking how it fits into international and regional trade.

At its best, eating local is an engaging, delicious and often good-value part of what to eat. ‘Locavores’ who have explored this way of eating include 100 mile diet, author Barbara Kingsolver and her family for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and in the UK the Fife Diet.

As well as exploring your own area, you can join the local food movement by paying attention to the provenance or ‘locale’ of whatever you are eating. Artisan cheeses are one easy way to connect to such particular foods. The cheese list at Neals Yard Dairy is one excellent introduction to what’s available.

Slow Food UK has a list of ‘forgotten foods’ that are worth rediscovering.

FARMA and SUSTAIN are two other organisations that can point you in the direction of interesting projects and places. The Telegraph Good Produce Guide by Rose Prince is a good directory.

On the whole, local foods are found in local shops. The north of England retailer Booths shows how such foods can be found in a supermarket.


From locavores in Canada, the US and Scotland…

…to a fishing village in Sicily

…to three Cheddar makers in Somerset

…to hospital food in Nottingham

…to school dinners

…to miles of beer aisles in a northern supermarket

…to supermarkets vs local shops

….to a local food conference in Maine

…to battles over GM food and whether local food can feed the world.