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What is a green kitchen?

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If the UK and the rest of Europe and the US stopped wasting food we could satisfy all world hunger between three and seven times over. Waste by Tristram Stuart is an inspiring book and has you can pledge to cut waste and join the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

Livewell2020 is a campaign by WWF that goes into detail about how to ‘eat green’.

“Plenty of plants, not much meat and maximum variety” is a slogan about ‘what to eat?’ from biologist and author Colin Tudge.

Sustainable Restaurant Association shows you how to be green when eating out and Fish2Fork monitors sustainable fish in restaurants.

Bulk is Green (BIG) is trying to push this trend in the UK, and the BIG movement is already big in the US.

A veg or produce box is a great building block to help you eat seasonal, organic food. I can highly recommend those from Riverford.

Good cookbooks for getting inspiration about eating more veg and other green matters: Annie Bell’s Vegetable Book, Annie Bell; The Green Kitchen by Richard Ehrlich; Less Meat and More Veg by Rachel de Thample; Riverford Farm Cookbook and Everyday and Sunday by Guy Watson and Jane Baxter.


From feeling anxious and guilty…

…to reading an inspirational book about waste

…to exploring the mantra ‘reduce, redistribute, recycle’

…to putting on lids and buying a microwave

…to re-evaluating a couple of ethical holy cows

…to the eco-cutting landlord of a pub where Charlie Chaplin learnt his comedy

…to shop where people put rice in empty whisky bottles and improvised paper cones

…to creative recycling in a French film

…to discovering dark dealings behind number-crunching headlines

…thinking about organic meat and honeybees

…to experiments with less veg and better meat

…to lentil curries on cow-dung stoves.