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What is a sustainable fish?

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Fishonline run by the Marine Conservation Society lists fish as green, amber or red. Green seafood is sustainable, yellow and amber less so and red the worst.

Greenpeace campaigns strongly on fish.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch gives an American-based perspective.

Fish2Fork marks restaurants on the sustainability of their sourcing and is a good source of fishy news.

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies fish for its sustainability. Look for its blue sticker in shops and when eating out.

Half the fish caught in the North Sea is thrown away dead. Fish Fight is a strong campaign against these discards. The End of the Line is a powerful book and the basis of a campaigning film about fishing and the state of the oceans.

The Environmental Justice Foundation does important work on fishing, including the scandal of the developed world overfishing the stocks of developing countries and the environmental impact of farmed prawns.

Think hard about farmed seafood. Farmed salmon has issues of sea-lice, environmental pollution and wasteful feeding. Organic farmed salmon is best and a new Aquastewardship Council aims to certify better methods.

In the UK, just five species account for 80 per cent of seafood eaten: cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns. Try other kinds such as gurnard, pollock, sprats and mussels.

Day-boat fish tends to be more sustainably caught. Around 85per cent of the British fleet consists of such small boats yet they are only allowed 4 per cent of the total catch. Buy such ‘local fish’ when possible and go to the day-boat fishermen’s organisation to understand more of this issue.

PISCES responsible fish in restaurants is a project to get more day-boat fish into restaurants set up by Caroline Bennett of the sushi bar Moshi Moshi.


From fear about the state of the oceans to…

…discovering that sustainable fishing is better than no fishing at all to

…the certification shemes for sustainable seafood to

…Cornish sushi in Moshi Moshi in Liverpool Street Station to

…community supported fishing in New England to

…the small fishing fleet launched from the beach in Hastings, Sussex to

…talking to fishermen, fishmongers and chefs around the coast to

…finding five basic guidelines for eating sustainable fish: broaden your tastes; be aware of the catching method; enjoy shellfish; eat more oily fish such as mackerel and sardines; think about farmed fish; cherish the local.